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"The horse that I feel at one with, my partner, my best friend. He wouldn’t let me down, and I will try everything I can to not let him down. I need people’s help."

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In the sad event that Art is sold before we can raise enough money to secure him then all donations will be refunded in full. This may take some time but everyone will be refunded.

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Cooley Rorkes Drift - ART

It's not a case of IF they win a big one - more a case of WHEN - Andrew Nicholson

"Nations cup, Olympics, Badminton - the success that Art and I have achieved has not gone unnoticed, and there have been some huge offers made for him to be sold. His owners have a young family and I totally understand their need to accept an offer. As you can imagine, from my point of view, selling my best mate had never entered my head. It has been an horrific few months wondering if he will be sold, and praying that a solution might be found. The owners have given me time to try and raise the funds, and have agreed that I can buy him at a preferential price. We have some funding pledged, but we are short of the goal, the only solution we have left is to try a Crowdfunding campaign"

To add a little time pressure to my situation, I have been selected to go to the European Championships in Poland in a few weeks, but if the ownership issue is not sorted out, I will not be able to go.

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The Story of Jonty & Art

Since I met Art on the side of the road in 2011, I have felt as one with him. Art has an incredible brain, he loves his job, in a sensible way, he looks after himself and me and he has an incredible capacity to learn.

Part of the Family

I have ridden and trained Cooley Rorkes Drift (Art to his friends) since he was a 5 year old, he is now 11. He was bred in Ireland and bought by the current owners at the Monart / Going For Gold Sale in Ireland, held in the Stunning Monart Hotel in Co. Wexford Soukern Ireland. 

I have taken time and paid attention to his training, it was evident at a young age that he had a huge role to play in the sport. I have I hope, produced him to be a balanced and educated horse, he in return has given me his all, he is clever, talented and has an almost human brain. I have gone into start boxes around the world and pointed him at huge fences and he has never let me down. In short, he’s my best friend – he is part of our family.  My small team and my wife have put huge effort into helping me at every turn. I am an Irish event rider, but I have always lived and worked in the UK, we live outside Cheltenham in England.

Art being hugged after Badminton
Jonty & Art at the 2016 Rio Olympics

The Nations Cup & The Olympics

In 2015 Art and I were in the Irish team that won the Nations cup final in Boekelo in Holland – a huge thing for our country, Art and I went on to represent Ireland at Rio in the Olympics and were one of only three horses to jump triple clear (Michael Jung and Sam Griffiths being the others) we finished 9th at Rio – it was an amazing experience and my whole family came to watch – I was 44yrs old in Rio – it had taken a lifetime to get there, so there was no way I was going without my family – who have always supported me throughout my career. The support we received from the Irish nation during the games, was mind blowing – it was a really emotional week.

Badminton 2017

This spring, after huge effort over the winter to improve again from where we were in Rio – the aim was Badminton. I had been once before in 2007, on a very genuine horse called Cregwarrior. This time, we had left no stone unturned, Art was in the form of his life, I had worked harder than ever on my fitness and mental preparation – we were as ready as we could be. 

Art and I were third after dressage – a huge Personal best and my first news conference!! Then after two thirds of a brilliant round cross country I made a mistake resulting in 20 penalties – at the time of the mistake, I was 3 seconds up on the Clock – the only combination to be so. Art jumped a brilliant clear round on the third day, and so it was safe to say that we had a VERY close shave with a top placing at Badminton 2017

Jonty & Art at Badminton
Jonty & Art a futue

To The Future

I hope and pray that people around the world will appreciate that Art and I are partners – we have come through life so far together and I hope that we can finish our journey together. At 11yrs old he is entering his prime, this years European Championships in Poland, Badminton, Next years WEG in Tryon and of course the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 are all potential medal events for Art and I – but only if we can stay together.

Without any doubt, Art is my horse of a lifetime, people who donate to keep us together are going to be part of an exciting and unique journey.

Watch Jonty & Art at Belton International 3* >

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Jonty & Art at Belton Park International 2017 CIC 3*

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How Your Money Will be Used

How Much of What I Donate Goes Towards Purchasing Art?

JontyandArt is a non profit organisation, and we appreciate all of your donations. Donations are being collected through PayPal - one of the worlds most secure payment methods. Paypal charges a percentage to use its services, we are currently negotiating to reduce this % as much as possible. Every penny donated, will go towards the purchase price of Cooley Rorkes Drift, (Art to his friends) minus these charges. 

What if we Don't Raise Enough Money in Time?

I will be heartbroken. In the sad event that Art is sold before we can raise enough money to secure him then all donations will be refunded in full. This may take some time but everyone will be refunded.

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By donating you are giving funds to purchase Art, you will not be asked for any further contributions and if the target is not met you will be refunded in full.  Once purchased Jonty Evans will be the legal owner, this is not a syndicate.  Art will have a forever home with Jonty.  Thank you

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It's More Than Sport

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Jonty & Art - lATEST reSULTS

2017 Results

17/03/17 - ALDON INTERNATIONAL (1) - 3RD

2016 Results

01/06/16 - TATTERSALLS - 3RD
23/03/16 - FONTAINEBLUE - 11TH
10/03/16 - OASBY

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